Take a Walk Inside my Heart
Take a Walk Inside my Heart
Valerie | 20 | Law Student | dead inside | music keeps me sane
"I'm alive again, more alive than I have been in my whole entire life"
bist’ so ziemlich der einzige mensch der mich nie nervt. (via heartsbrokequietly)
Bist der einzige. (via selbsthass—idc)

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Bin eine schlechte Freundin, eine verdammt schlechte! (via dir-einmal-noch-nah-sein)

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“Be my Sergio Ramos, I’ll be your yellow card

“Be my Kaka,I’ll be your bench

“Be my Di Maria, I’ll be your injuries

”Be my pipita, i’ll be your offside”

“Be my Cristiano, I’ll be your goal

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Anonym asked: You can't have an eating disorder. You just called a fat girl beautiful..you're supposed to be obsessed with being thin and food.



excuse me?

please let this be a joke. i’m hoping this is sarcasm.

i suffer from disordered eating. my eating disorder revolves around ME, no one else. when i engage in those unsafe behaviours, it has nothing to do with other people.

the girl i reblogged is beautiful. i couldn’t care less about size, she is a very attractive human being.

I think I just lost brain cells reading that message…

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I love you, even when we are fighting, even when I am fast asleep. Don’t doubt it for an instant. You are my everything. (via aboycrazyinlove)

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